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SOTA offers a Table Tennis Centre since 2015

It is a part of our academy dedicated primarily to development and fun. At the SOTA Table Tennis Centre, you can take the sport as seriously as you want.
You can come in with a group of friends for an evening of pong. But during the day, the field is reserved for the kids and students. We provide a friendly atmosphere and welcome kids players of all levels. There is always someone for you to play with. You can borrow club paddles and balls if you don't have your own. Having such a facility in Nigeria is unique considering the length of the sessions and there being no fee. To improve your skills, we have coaches and partners always ready and willing to assist you.

The SOTA Table Tennis Centre is among one of the only places in Nigeria where you can get direct instructions from a native pro. Tournament players can come for uninterrupted practice sessions. We do not have a challenge system, so you have a free choice of partners.