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Mini Kickers

Our mini kicker courses are a fun introduction to our fabulous game, enabling learning through play but, at the same time, incorporating social interaction with peers. The techniques, skills and rules of the game are introduced at a 'low key' level, but our ultimate aim is for the children to have fun while in our care. Building a solid foundation is paramount to our programme to enable our young players to happily make the transition to our soccer schools when the time is right. Mini kicker courses are available to children between 3 to 5 years of age and are specifically designed for beginners.

Soccer Schools

Soccer schools are a great way for children to progress in the game. Players will experience fun educational sessions, which are aimed to enhance their natural development but, at the same time, improve their skills and techniques. Sessions are grouped by age bands of approximately 2 to 3 years, but if players excel or require further work within a band, our highly trained coaches are on hand to recognise their grouping requirements. A typical day is divided into 2 parts – during the morning session, players train and practice technical work, and the afternoon session incorporates small sided games and mini tournaments to encourage team play. Thus, if your child isn't going with friends, they'll be sure to come away with new ones. Courses are progressive, and the content is devised to enable players to develop and advance. Soccer school courses are available to children of all abilities aged between 5 to 15 years of age.


Advanced courses are designed for those players whose fitness is at a higher level, and this team trains and plays on a regular basis; the sessions are more intense and stretch an individual’s limits, using challenging technical and training drills whilst incorporating individual and team roles and responsibilities. Players who excel at the advanced level may get the opportunity to join our invitation-only sessions. Advanced courses are available for children of an advanced level aged between 7 to 15 years of age.


Goalkeeping courses teach players those additional vital skills, such as handling, footwork and distribution, which can be overlooked when training as part of a team. Our goalkeeping courses are specialised, and we work in smaller groups to enhance development, and therefore, the fitness levels of the players should be of a high standard. Goalkeepers train independently in our soccer schools but come together during afternoon sessions, enabling the players to put their techniques into practice. Goalkeeping courses are available for boys and girls of all abilities aged between 7 to 15 years of age.

Goal shooting

Every training unit contains a goal shooting competition where the kids can win a small price. This increases the motivation and fun for the children.

Soccer training is not only conducted in our SOTA compound but also in different nearby locations, depending on availability. We have access to different training facilities of different sizes where soccer training is comfortable and easy.