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QuickStart Tennis Program – IT'S FREE

Our QuickStart (QS) program is designed to teach the fundamental tennis moves, eye–hand coordination and basic motor skills to our youngest players. Our QS program uses modified court equipment, such as mini nets, low pressure/progression balls and modified rackets, designed to suit the size and ability of each child, as well as ball machines. We always focus on FUN in this program!

Junior Development Program – IT'S FREE

Our Junior Development Program (JDP) focuses on all aspects of the game, from focus and footwork to forehands and backhands. From the most novice to the competitive player, each child will be grouped, based on their abilities. Our JDP’s primary focus is on play-based situations. The days of your child waiting in long lines in a drill-based program with balls bouncing over their head one after the other are gone. Our goal is to enable your child to play the game of tennis by training them in the proper strokes and movements that will allow them to love and enjoy the game for a lifetime.

Competitive Training Program

In the Competitive Training Program (CTP), the students will focus on developing the skills necessary for a competitive match play. The first hour of this comprehensive program is devoted to honing all strokes of the game and developing the necessary muscle memory and mental discipline for a match play. The second hour is devoted to the match play itself. The CTP is reserved for our stronger players.