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Trainer Competence

Our team of trainers consists of highly skilled trainers, led by our chief coach, Agnes Odia Simi.

Good governance, compliance and accountability are focussed on in the SOTA’s mission to offer excellence and best practice in all areas of training:


There's no substitute for experience. Our trainers have experience in a variety of settings. These include year-round indoor and outdoor facilities in different disciplines. This directly impacts and reflects in the quality of our lessons.

Expert Knowledge of Proper Technique

Knowledge is crucial; there are no shortcuts. Our trainer team are well-versed in a large number and variety of instruction books, have viewed a sufficient number of instructional videos and have undertaken many salient courses and workshops on proper techniques.

Different Ages, Levels and Groups

Different ages and levels require different approaches and techniques when it comes to sports instructions. The skills required to privately teach a single person are very different from that required for teaching a group. Our trainers have spent a lot of time teaching people of different ages and levels, as well as group and private lessons.

Communication Ability

Knowing proper techniques is useless if a trainer is unable to communicate clearly and concisely. Therefore, we expect our coaches to have good communication skills.


We value personable, gregarious, punctual, reliable, mature professional trainers who are also upbeat, encouraging, enthusiastic, animated and interested in having a fun time on the court or field.