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SOTA is free for children. No fees!

We are just a family who thinks that children should have a place to play, even in difficult situations. As this is not common everywhere in the world, we have built such a space for children at our expense in Benin, Nigeria, where children can meet, play, practice sports and have fun, and where their sporting accomplishments are rewarded with small gifts such as exercise books, pens, uniforms, T-Shirts, balls and school books.
If you also think it is the right thing to do, please support us.

SOTA is a non-profit charity project intended to give children the opportunity to strive to excel in sports. It is a place where children can meet, play and have fun. There is a teacher or coach available to supervise, teach and help the children. There is also someone always available to talk to in case of personal problems.

SOTA offers lawn tennis, table tennis, basketball and soccer to children between the ages of 7 and 15. For children in genuine need, we provide coloured pencils, biros, notebooks, school books and sometimes clothes as well. Sports have the power to bring people together. Sports can create hope where there is only despair. It speaks to the young in a language they understand and teaches them the discipline required for a lifetime. It also teaches them about work ethics. When a child enters the gates of our facility, they receive the opportunity to learn and be happy. Our little effort can have a great impact on the future of children in genuine need.

Registration form available in our office and on Application page of our homepage.